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Edible Faberge Eggs in Chocolate For Easter


When we first started our blog, we found out about Sweet Brazil.  We wrote a post about Paula and the fun of reaching out accross the continent to make a friend.  

Here is an excerpt detailing Paula's story,

Sweet Brazil reproduces Faberge eggs at Easter time in chocolate, of course. The detail work is exquisite.  The founder of the company is Paula de Lima Azevedo. Her background was public relations. As a joke 21 years ago, she decided to sculpt Easter eggs at home. The word got out and the demand grew. She rented a small house and went into business. To quote Paula, “I discovered chocolate as a material to express my art. After that, I never stopped!” She hopes to have a store in New York, one day soon.

Check out Paula's website as her imagination and creativity is unbounded!  Enjoy!

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What a great blog! It's a pity that i can't find your rrs address. If you can offer rrs subscription service, i can track your blog easier!
By Jordan 7

May 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJordan 7
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